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Distributor question

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Thanks Eduard for getting back on the last topic. On my next plant I'm stuck on generating a distributor pattern like below. I've attached an image showing the bush I'm trying to duplicate as well. 

I'm starting off with a surface distributer (a rectangular polygon), and I want to vary both the orientation and the height of the distributer splines as per the diagram, so:

- the closer you are to the edge the shorter the path is

- the orientation of the splines goes out in a radial path from the centre.


The Point distributer looks promising, but only seems to provide a circular pattern.


Any ideas?

growfx question.jpg

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Hi handshaker,


We fixed some troubles with Affects, for some reason they didn't work from Surface Distributor to its Distributor in point parameters.
Here's how it should look:




Here I used only gradient textures in the Affect > Factor map settings:
Spiral map - rotates the Angle axis, which is set 360 degrees.
2 radial maps - needed to influence on the Angle bend, Length and Vector strength.


We'll release this update soon, but I can send you if you need it urgently. Just tell me your 3dsMax version.


BTW, here is how it might look in version 2.0:



Here I used the distance to this plane, to reduce the Angle bend and length. But I think that with radial gradients it looks better.



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