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leaves on top of mesh

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I'm doing a joshua tree, which has long strands on it's trunk. When I try to add geo to the trunk it applies it at the centre, and if I apply an offset , it moves the leaves up and down rather than in or out.

I know it's possible to do, as a company is selling this item in a collection including the speedtree file.


joshua trees.jpg


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I've got the offset working now, but the strands are offset by a fixed amount, and the trunk has a taper,

so the strands at the top float outside the mesh. There's no graph function to change this over it's length though.

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Hi handshaker,


Have you already found a solution to this issue?


There you just need to add an Affect from Parameter: Path position to Offset of the same distributor, and turn on the curve for the Factor parameter. The curve shape should be similar to the curve of the trunk radius. Offset should be equal to 1.0.

In GrowFX 2.0, this will be easier to configure...



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