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Creating flower and leaves at single trees


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GrowFX allows you to grow ANYTHING...


Flowers on your tree.........


it also allows you to grow trees from flowers on a tree..........?? yes that's quite wierd but it CAN do it


It also lets you grow a staircase......which was once a tree [if it was made out of wood anyway....lol]


and if you have a good imagination ....It lets you grow stuff that can't even be put into words......


It is parametric software at it's best ......the ULTIMATE tree & plant software......by a long way....


And it Keeps getting Better!!

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Hello Eduard.. Can you tell me how to get random scale on Leafs it can be instented geometry or built in leaf meshes.. Thanks for your time :)




For the Instanced geometry you can just increase the Random scale %.

For the Leaves mesh need to change the length of the paths, use Chaos % for the path length (see the Directions Modifiers).

For the Standard leaves you can create an affect from any distributor to Size parameter, and set there Chaos % as you like.



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