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propagate direction to children


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Is there a way to propagate direction to children?


Let's say I have a radial direction I apply to 50% of my branches, but I want all the children of this 50% branche to inherit the direction from their parents.


i want to model this thing:




You can see some of its branches are twisted and other are straight but when a branch is curled, all the child branches are curled too.

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But In your example, 100% of the arms get twisted... Maybe it was not obvious in my phot, but this creature has sometims only some arms that get twaisted.


the following picture is better:



And when one branch gets twisted all the children below are also twisted in a ball.


How can I do that?


Would be great to have a feature letting us select particular branches (with a kind of selection set) and get them modified by the direction modifier of our choice.


I cheated it by creating some extra twisted branches but I would have like to create the real thing.

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