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I'm having trouble with tree wind rendering over backburner. When I send the file to backburner, it will only render the first frame of the animation for every frame, seems as though backburner isn't calculating the change in meshes for the wind. is this a known issue or is there a workaround for this?


Do i need to convert to mesh or vray proxy the GrowFX tree with wind?


Over DR it renders fine, because my local machine calculates the change in mesh per frame, but like i said, this doesn't happen over backburner?


Any ideas? / workflows?


Many thanks

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Thanks for the info!

So far nobody has complained about this, but we'll try to fix this trouble. If possible, please send me your scene, it allows us to analyze the problem more quickly...

And at this time yes, you can convert your models into animated Vray proxies.



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I converted the tree to an animated vray proxy, took ages, each frame it re-calclated the mesh and all looked fine, when I cam back after lunch it had completed but the tree had vanished from my scene. and the vray mesh file is only 1kb so something is a miss. I just used the oak_1 template, added a few more leaves. Ill send it over

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