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texturing instance geometry

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I am trying to texture my instance geometry, till now it failed:(

The option "material id" is missing in the instance geometry window and it automatically attached the leave materials (id 2 and 3) and i want id 5

I've got also some troubles with scale.


Attached there is a picture with some explanation.


what am i doing wrong?




Martijn Brands

texturing instance geometry.jpg

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for the size issue you might try resetting the xform of the original object.


I am not sure about the material. It looks like the material ID is just inherited from the referenced object unless you check "generate new multi material". What is the material ID of your instanced object? If it is not five, try changing it to 5 and see if that works.


Hope it helps !

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Hey Ptrain,


One problem solved.

The material id of the instanced object was wrong. After i set it to five it worked properly.


The scale is still a problem also after a reset of the xform. In the end i can scale it in the modifier window.

But i am curious what is going wrong.


I attached the max file, probably something simple.


Hope you can help me with this last thing.


Thanks already!




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