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Hi guys,


I'm having really hard time to have good result with the optimize modifier.

Whatever where I place it in the direction modifier list, I often have disconnected branches, or wrong scale one.

Placing the opimize after a diviation gives also all kind of funky result.


I'm actually badly trying to optimize Oak 2 from the free plant library, I've change every mesh layer from metamesh to cylindre, but no way to add optimize anywhere without funky result.


Are there any strategy about how to use this modifier ?





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Hi Pascal,


The optimize modifier is intended only to reduce the number of points for the lines of the path. This is like increase of step for the straights areas of lines.

This modifier has no effect on the Meta mesh builder, however it can optimize the Cylinder mesh.

To optimize the tree you can increase the Face size for Meta mesh. Also you can open the Global Meta Settings and increase the Min size faces value.



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Hi Eduard,


Well that's excaclty what I want to do with the optimize, removing extra loops of a path (cylindre).


However, most of the time this modifier completely destruct the tree, because it seems to also remove key steps/points that are needed in the tree construction.


It would be so great if it was possible to place the optimize at the end of the modifier list of any kind of tree, without any side effect, like disconected branch, overlaping branch, wrong scaling, etc. (maybe a feature request ?)


If it doesnt make sence, I can post some image of the funky result I get.

But basically you can try by yourself, just download the oak01 (or 02) from the plant library, convert metamesh to cylindre, and try to add the optimize modifier on the Trunk, B1 or B2. Only B3 give expected result.

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