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Metamesh troubles

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I am having trouble getting meshes out out of metamesh without any errors or flipped faces. Increasing the density does not help in my cases. I also noticed that it can create really messy geometry with isolated faces and open or missing parts. These issues are very time consuming to fix afterwards. Playing around with different settings for the mesh building can also take a lot of time on more complicated generators as the process does not run multithreaded.

Any tips on this?

Kind regards,



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Hi Eduard,

In the meantime I managed to get a mesh that was ok by varying the face size. Sometimes a larger face size will get rid of this, sometimes a smaller. Some artifacts are very hard to notice until you converted the object to an edit poly and check for open vertices, coplanar faces and similar stuff. I encounter the following often: The mesh result from the metamesh builder looks fine but after selecting "elements" under Edit Poly, I notice that instead of only one continuous mesh it consists of one larger and a couple of smaller elements which are not welded in place and sometimes even intersect wildly into the remaining mesh.

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