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Weirdest parameter: Surface Displacement - Radial Offset

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So I tried to "understand" how that parameter works. And I give up. I mean I know what is it for, and I managed to make something "close" to what I need - deform a branch, so it will not be round, but a squeezed oval shape with some lines extruded inside. But that was an hour of trial and error with that graph.

Really, Eduard, that curve is completely messed up, it's completely not user-friendly and very very hard to work with. Also, in the end I got displaced branch, which I have to manually adjust to "sit" properly on the main trunk. Can you please make a tutorial on how to work with that evil thing, or maybe I am missing something? I tried to do something like this branch. And I've managed, but that took me just too much time... Thanks.




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