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Multple trees

Guest Paul

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Wondering if anyone can tell me the best way to duplicate and randomize trees over a surface, or whatever the best way to do it is. If I instance, all trees will be identical; right? So, wondering how I can easily mix them up but not have to manipulate each of them.





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One way is to use the GrowFX for placement of trees on the surface, as instanced objects.


So, you can make 3 or more different trees. Then, create GrowFX object and distribute the path from some surface (see picture below).


post-3-090248400 1286218353_thumb.jpg post-3-069259900 1286218392_thumb.jpg


Add the "Instanced geometry" mesh-builder, and add these 3 trees. Turn off the "Combine meshes", and turn on the "Display as bounding box", as a result - the models will be distributed as instanced objects.


post-3-001424100 1286218417_thumb.png post-3-056365900 1286218439_thumb.jpg

post-3-043838800 1286224076_thumb.jpg


Download this scene: Multiple_trees_02.zip


Also you can use other plugins to distribution of multiple trees on the surface:

"Forest Pack Pro" from www.itoosoft.com

"MultiScatter" from www.rendering.ru


Good luck :)

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