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max2012 crashes


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Hmm... well i found something interesting on my 8core xeon it works ... (most of the time, not always) ... i tried on a 24 core (12+hyperthreading) ... there it crashes regulary.


Thanks for the info!

We'll try to test this. Because we have only 8 cores (4+hyperthreading), we'll try to run a 24 threads to build a GrowFX model.

Maybe there is a bug related with multithreading, and it occurs only with a large number of cores, don't know yet.

I'll let you know the test results...



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I'm using cm as system unit and metric-cm as display units on both machines.


Thanks for the info, but it didn't help us :)


We can try the following... I'll send you a special update, and you repeat the same operations: in a new scene open our tree (Betula_1.gfx), then save it as a max file and open it again. If you notice any messages, let me know...


An update I'll send you by email...



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Thank you... i tried, but it still crashes when opening the previous saved file.


what is strange, that when i open the max file which is provided with in your tree-library. then it works.


Currently i'm involved in work and i'll try to test on this issue at the weekend.

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