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Hello - I'm considering buying GrowFX shortly. It's an amazing product! However, I'm using the demo now and I'm noticing that when I convert a complicated path to meta mesh, it takes a while. I checked my CPU usage and it's only operating on one core. Are you folks considering coding in the ability for it to use multiple cores\threads at once? Sometimes for complex bough systems it takes quite a few minutes to convert and for me, for example, it would be 8x faster since I have 8 cores (2600k @ 4.5ghz).


Best regards and thank you for any information,



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Hello Dan,


Yes, we have not added yet support for multi-threading because Metamesh algorithm works sequentially, ie there each new face depends on previous faces. But we have some idea, and we'll try to implement it...


We'll be glad to see you among our customers!


Best regards,


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