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Growfx geometry deformation


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We´ve recently purchased Growfx and we are very satisfied with the results so far. But there´s a problem we´ve encountered and can´t seem to find the solution. Sometimes with some wind animated looped trees there seems to be a bug/problem with the mesh, like the tree itself explodes, imagine if you apply a noise modifier and every vertex goes to a random position suddenly. This obviously makes that frame no usable but also the render times sky rocket. The workflow we are using is exporting the looped trees to Vray Proxy. Anybody knows how to solve this? or maybe had the same problem?


Have a look at the attached frame. 


 Thanks in advance. 


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Capture showing the problem
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I am not entirely sure what is going on. but you might try recording a point cache file using the point cache modifier. 


You could export the static tree to a proxy file then apply the point cache file to the proxy. 


I am not sure about this though. I don't usually have to animate my trees but I seem to remember doing something like this a while back.


The exploding trees might be caused by a changing polycount. Is your wind animation an after mesh modifier ?





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