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Car drives into bushes

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Ok it looks like object reaction and wind did the trick.  The only problem what if I want to hit a bunch of shrubs with a car that are one one side. I would have to animate a separate wind for each shrub to make it look like it was hit.  Do you have any modifier that will make a tree shake after an impact.  If not it would be nice to  add this feature to the  object reaction modifier. 


object reaction doesnt work well trees get too jumpy from frame to frame   Any ideas. exlevel? 



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Hi cb2000,


You have already answered your first question :)
Yes, some of our clients simulated a similar collision with a car.  To do this, we added Decay options in the Wind helper settings to limit the effect of the wind. And you just need to link the wind helper with your car.


There is no special tool to simulate shaking bushes and trees, but in the future we plan to develop it.


Try baking reaction points with the Bake Direction tool in the Object reaction modifier. I'm not sure that this will help you in your case, but you can try.



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