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GrowFX 1.8.0 Beta version is now available


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Hi Everyone,


We have prepared a new beta version, it's available to customers only.


What's New in GrowFX 1.8.0 Beta:


+ Added new feature Vertex Color for all mesh builders;

+ New parameter Random scale for Instanced geometry;

+ New parameter Min size faces for Global Meta Settings. Note: The value of this parameter will affect to the minimum radius of all Meta mesh builders;

+ Open/Save presets some bug fixed;

+ Improved mesh updating;

+ Some minor bugs are fixed.


A detailed description and user manual will be available later.


Here's some examples:






The max file (Max 2009): Grass_04_VC.max







The max file (Max 2009): ColoringAlongPath_1.max




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Hi Eduard,


Finally got time to play around with the vertex colours a bit this week & I must say it's AWESOME! You even got it to work on Custom meshes...WOW.. now that was an unexpected Bonus!

Tree/plants are looking much more realistic now & I think GrowFX has just gone leaps & bounds ahead of the competition with this update as Vertex colours was the only big thing GrowFX was missing.

I had a couple of minor crashes as I was testing but I was probably doing something I shouldn't such as Using Colours along path of standard leaf mesh I think?] Anyway I will let you know once I can isolate it with more testing.

Thanks again & I will post some renders when I get time


Thanks also for updating the meta-mesh builder.....I can now tweak my leaves without the meta-mesh rebuilding the tree everytime......Great time saver again.




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