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opening flower animation


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I don't know of any tutorials for flowering plants specifically. The basic idea would be to have a parameter in a previous path affect the angle bend, vector, and whatever other properties you need to make the petals open convincingly. 


In the case of flowers, the growth of the plant may have already stopped. What I would do in this case would be to add a "dummy" path that would be invisible. The length of this path would be what affects the angle bend (opening) of your petals. 


I have a pretty extensive tutorial on plant growth animation here:




It doesn't cover flowering plants but it should cover everything you need to get there. I would also check the tutorial library on the exlevel site. There might be something there. I haven't checked in a while.


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well...i have a lot to learn because i am beginer but any advice is welcome.i must learn also about texturing  and all that stafs.someone told me soon they will release v 2 and should make new tutorials because the new version will have node editor,so all their tutorials are old.but  i think will be helpfull for me as beginer.i will search on youtube.there are many other tutorials.btw,an animated tree can be exported in some way to zbrush to paint some bark on the trunk?

thank you for your help

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