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Controlling paths direction


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So I have tree system defined by three paths, "trunk", "branches" (Path position distributor with absolute pos and count 3), and "small branches" (green ones, path distributor on both trunk and branches.


And for now I can't find an easy way to tell "small branches" to point always in the direction from tree centre to outside with some amount of divergence, like it works in real life trees, so there are no branches that points inward the tree and possibility of their intersection is minimized. I hope the explanation is clear enough.


Only way I found so far (but didn't tried it) is to define every big branch as separate path and define small branches distributor separately for each other, but it's not that nice.



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Awesome, thank you very much for really quick response! I can't open the max file, since it screams it is saved with newer version of GrowFX (I have 1.7.0 for sure), but I got the idea.

Sorry, I thought saved in version 1.7.0, but was saved in the new - 1.8.0 (beta) version :)

I resaved in version 1.7.0:




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