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Vray Fur On GrowFX

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I am having an issue where VRay Fur is applied to roots to give really kick ass micro detail.  The problem is that if anything is animated to grow, the fur recalculates locations on every frame and it flickers like crazy.   I tried locking it to surface using its texture mapping with the vray node, but it still flickers when growing.  I even tried the absolute width parameter in the mesh builder.  I have tried all of the possible options to lock it down, seems like it is just the way poly ID's are or something internal. 


Any ideas on how to fix this?

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During growth, the mesh constantly changes the number of polygons, and perhaps Vray Fur each time rebuilds its fur in a new way.

Just for fun, try to animate a simple box, the number of polygons should vary over time. How will Vray Fur behave on it?



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