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Additions & tweaks for the Standard LEAF Library


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Hi Eduard,


Would it be possible to have some Additions & tweaks for the Standard LEAF Library?? I really love the presets as they are fast & easy to work with although because most of them are flat they are limited for quality.


I know there is a custom mesh but I get tired of using them as they are slow to change & work with & it seems pointless at times as they are virtually what is in the library but with slight tweaks.


EG. The simple diamond shape leaf with 2 polys - It would be good to be able to bend it along the center line with a spinner just like the Leaf mesh so you get a nice semi-curved leaf instead of a flat & lifeless one. Same amount of polys but it will look much better!

Would be great to have this for all/some of the others as well as some of them have enough polys to bend nicely but are completely flat.


Any one else have thoughts on this?


Thanks for your time



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Hi Jamie,


Yes, we also want to add a checkbox Deform along path for Standard leaves, like as in the Instanced geometry.


Also plans to add a few more high-quality presets leaves, such as for some simple trees and other: oak, maple, etc.




As usual....thanks so much again Eduard ;)





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