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Found 3 results

  1. @Eduard I believe we have a ton of potential to expand just a bit further with some of the tools and really change the game! We should think about having custom normal tools built into the generators. I've provided some images of both an in-scene demo and also a mockup for the UI. Ideally this same functionality should also allow us to then also use primitives to build into generators that have their own UCX tag. So when you sepperate to objects, you can have a parented collision model ready? Curious to hear your thoughts! Ethan
  2. Hi Eduard, I was wondering if we can have a checkbox in distributors tab that reverses paths orientations on the opposite side of the parent path. Something like unifying orientation. This way there won't be any problem when we have counts above one. Right now either the texture &/ normals &/ profile curve flips and makes some of the direction modifiers to behave in reverse when the paths count is above one. For example using vector orientaion causes one side to flip, so we'd have opposite profile curves. Here's what I mean : Current configuration : And here's what I'm suggesting : Our current workflow is to separate paths on the opposite sides, which not only makes it a hassle, but also hard hard to keep track of the nodes. On top of that, to make a small change, we have to go back and change the other pair as well. Not to mention that we'd have double the node amounts to deal with and have in paths tab which causes cluttering. Hopefully the illustrations are clear enough, if not please let me know, so I'll try to explain with more detail and examples. Thank you, Ashkan
  3. Hi all, I was doing an experiment on a model and wanted to achieve the opposite leaf arrangement type. I added a distributor for the leaves and set the count amount to 2. However, the leaves are flipped on one side. I've attached a render. I was wondering if there's a way to fix that without having to use two distributors instead of one, which I might not be aware? I also collapsed it to a mesh to unify the normals, however, as you can see still some of the leaves are acting out. Oh, and I also tried using both circular and angular leaf arrangement, none did work. I've also attached the max files, just in case. Any idea anyone? Thank you, Ashkan Test.rar
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