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Found 6 results

  1. Growfx v1.9.9 SP5 for 3dsMax 2018 Hi, I'm new to Growfx and just familiarizing myself with functionality. I'm building a detailed plant and wish to control the internal profile of the stalk so that it isn't simply cylindrical, and instead uses a custom shape. I'm aware of 'Affects' and have also experimented with Mesh Builder> Surface Displace Map, but neither seem to do what I need. I have attached an image of the stem I'm looking to replicate, along with a screen shot of my approach for controlling a cylindrical profile within 3dsmax, using a displace mod with gradient ramp. I assumed I might somehow use a similar method in Growfx, however it's not possible to control a gradient ramp in my version, only select it (a possible issue?... or I'm not doing something right?). If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated, it seems there must be a basic Growfx control I'm overlooking, or I'm not approaching this in the correct way. Thanks!
  2. HI! I have a simple question, forgive my ignorance...... How to make the tree hole edge convex rise?In the help file, raised on the edge of the tree is very beautiful!How can I make it like that! Thanks in advance! hole.max
  3. Hello! I ran into an issue with Vertex Colors when I use MetaMeshes and render it via Backburner. The error message says: object (vertex colors) <growfx_object> requires texture coordinates and may not render correctly The same scene renders fine when "Disable all Meta meshes" is checked on all GrowFX objects. Thanks for your suggestions! Best andreas
  4. Hi all, I was experimenting some new stuff with meta mesh as I ran into this issue. Basically I have a tree with a trunk with two level branches. Here's the settings for meta mesh of the trunk. And here's the meta mesh settings of the level 1 branches. Level 2 has a meta mesh without any stop stitching defined. And here's the result that I get. Based on documentation and examples provided I guess this shouldn't happen. Why is it that the trunk is still stitching above the 10% that I defined. (Areas in red circle) Also, why is it that the level 1 branches have stopped growing after 20% instead of just avoiding stitching? (Blue question marks) I'd appreciate any help. Thank you, Ashkan
  5. Hi, I was working on a project and made some trees with meta mesh as their "mesh builder" and they all work O.K. and I saved them both in Max and Gfx files. Now that I open one of them it crashes on building meta mesh phase. It does not matter if I open the Max file or load the preset file, it'll eventually crash. I should also mention that they all had displacement applied to them. Is there a way to get my preset back as I put lots of time in creating it or is there a way to disable meta mesh on load so I can avoid the crash and then I'll try to figure what went wrong and hopefully fix it. Btw, I've also sent the files to support via e-mail. I'd appreciate any help. Ashkan
  6. Здравствуйте. Интересует такое, есть ствол Meta Mesh и хочется сделать неровности у его корней. Получается только с Cilinder Mesh, т.к. там есть доп. опция Radial Offset. У Meta Mesh технически не получается реализовать этого? Метод описанный на первом скрине (по ссылке ниже) тоже неплохой результат дает, но больше телодвижений с настройкой материала. http://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/275-growfx-193-beta-version-is-now-available/?hl=%2Bradial+%2Boffset А еще если этим методом ограничить срастание верхних веток со стволом то происходит странное: с ветками все нормально, но они сросшиеся вверху со стволом http://clip2net.com/s/6JhDts а вот с включенной опцией не срастаться http://clip2net.com/s/6JhGBN я наверно чтото не так делаю просто..., как всегда новички будут донимать вопросами =) файл макса 2014 прикрепил, на всякий случай. Add: а еще если заметите, там внизу ствол, самый нижний луп ребер, он не ровно лежит на плоскости, изза нойза, но если ветки можно было снять галку рандом сид, то тут без нее даже хуже получается. Можно както усадить строго по плоскости нижний луп? В принципе не критично, можно втопить само дерево ниже плоскости... Add2: еще заметил что ЮВ создается странная http://clip2net.com/s/6Ji6ra Тоже видимо механика не позволяет дисплейс и развертку подружить... GrowFX_Displace_Trunk_Test.max
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