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Found 5 results

  1. is it possible to randomize seed (the main one in "main parameters") via maxscript?
  2. Hello, I'm new to MaxScript, so this may be a little trivial, but I'm looking for a way to convert each path in a GrowFX object to a separate mesh. Similar to how Speedtree has options to output a mesh either by node or by material... Any help here would be great. Thanks!
  3. Hello, i'm thinking of writing small maxscripts to help with my complex growfx-system. For example I want to iterate through all meta-meshes and toggle the face-size between two values (low and high). But all my paths and meta-meshes are only accessible via an explicit name it seems. I'd like to do something like this: for path in $growfx.paths do ( for mesh in path.meshes do ( if classof mesh == Meta_Mesh then mesh.Face_size = 2 ) ) If this isn't doable at this time then please add this post to the feature requests. regards, Henning
  4. Heya Folks! I've got a job with lots of growfx trees that have lots of paths in them. Is it possible to get maxscript access to the wind object "pick" button so that I can loop through all the trees and branches and set a single wind? In future it'd be great to have some kind of spreadsheet editor to be able to mass add modifiers and change their parameters - on more complex trees the display update can be a bit slow when changing between them all! Cheers! John
  5. Hi! We are using GrowFX in a feature film production, and pipeline integration its a must for us. Currently we are encountering some issues as we cant figure out how to obtain the path to the gfx preset file in a growfx node, the functionality of loading and saving its working as expected, but we need to know if there its a way to access the corresponding path to the preset or we need to implement a custom roundtrip to that? Thanks in advance! P.D: we have a really tight schedule, so a quick answer will be really appreciated!
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