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Found 4 results

  1. Hi We´ve recently purchased Growfx and we are very satisfied with the results so far. But there´s a problem we´ve encountered and can´t seem to find the solution. Sometimes with some wind animated looped trees there seems to be a bug/problem with the mesh, like the tree itself explodes, imagine if you apply a noise modifier and every vertex goes to a random position suddenly. This obviously makes that frame no usable but also the render times sky rocket. The workflow we are using is exporting the looped trees to Vray Proxy. Anybody knows how to solve this? or maybe had the same problem? Have a look at the attached frame. Thanks in advance.
  2. Dear all GrowFX people, Whats the best and optimized way of making plant animations looped and ready for rendering workflow using Octane or Vray. Thanks.
  3. Hi All! I'm having trouble creating a realistic looking wind loop. The aim is to have a nice gentle breeze rustling the leaves and a little bit of sway in branches, but I cant find the right balance of flexibly, stiffness and wind speed. I'm using a 200 frame loop to keep my animated proxy files to a reasonable size. This means I cant use Perturb Speed or Vector Can some one please advise "weather' its better to have: High wind speed with low flexibility and high stiffness Or Low wind speeds with lower stiffness and high flexibility See images and videos for more detail. Image 1 Wind Speed 0cm: I want to have this form swaying gently Image 2 Wind Speed 50cm: Tree form is ok but not great and wind is very subtle. Even with very slow camera movement it will be barley visible in an animation (see video below) Image 3 Wind Speed 100cm: Tree looks like its in a hurricane but only moving slowly (see video below) Max 2014 file attached. Thanks in advance! Wind_help_gfx.zip
  4. Hi All, Has anyone else encountered a problem where the identified period of a loop is not the actual looping point? I have been scratching my head over this for a few days and gotten to the point where I think the stiffness value is having something done to it before it is fed into the equation. I have already worked back to the equation that generates the displayed period (which I then found in a forum post).. Leaving other variables at 1 for simplicity, I'm finding that changing the stiffness value results in loops as below: Stiffness Period Actual Period 0.5 5 ~15 (give or take a few ticks) 1 10 30 2 20 ~32 3 30 ~39 4 40 50 5 50 ~58 6 60 ~68 And so on. I've found there is a decreasing value which approaches 1 as the stiffness value increases. But that's about where my ability to pull this apart ends. The difference factor I have found does plot a pretty neat curve [3, 1.6666, 1.3333, 1.25, 1.17, 1.141667], but I can't quite bring it into something I can use to predict the actual period. If there's any suggestions out there, I'm all ears. (incidentally, GrowFX version: 1.9.9 sp2) Kind Regards,
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