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Found 14 results

  1. I'm working on a palm tree and I'm having a problem with the orientation of leaves. I've attached screenshots and a reference image with it. I've added Path Distributor Modifier with Turn Axis 0.0 and Count 2. When I rotate leaves using Angle Axis in Leaves_Mesh Modifier, Both sides of leaves (1 and 2 in the screenshot) rotate in the same direction. I want them to rotate opposite to each other to achieve the result like in the reference image (Leaves facing the camera). Is there anything I can do to achieve that result? Yes, I can create a whole new path just for the other side but if there's an alternate solution to it then please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hi Growfx community and @Eduard.... I have a quick question about leaf scale. I need to scale my leaves so that they get smaller as they progress up my plant. I know how to do this using IG leaves, where I use Parameter: Path Position> Affects > IG Mesh> Scale, however I now need to apply a similar technique but using 'Leaves Mesh'. I've been messing for a while and can control the scale, length, width etc. using 'Affects', but can't resolve how to roll this out to make leaves smaller towards the top of my weed plant. I've attached a render so you can see what I mean, which illustrates where I am right now in relation to a photographic reference. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. 3dsmax 2018 Growfx 1.9.9 SP5 Hi @Eduard, I wonder if you might kindly be of assistance?... or anyone else! I'm building a plant and have created a number of leaves that are to be attached as instanced geometry within my scene. They're behaving unexpectedly, and the results are random. It might work at some point, it might not, either way getting to the point of rendering the leaves correctly is proving quite difficult. I've attached a screen grab of the leaf on a basic Growfx plant, as well as a shot of the leaf as it should appear. I've looked through the forum as originally I thought it could be some kind of x-form issue, so have tried that, however I can't seem to stop the leaves looking like they're melting. Thanks!
  4. Hi guys, I want to create this leaf (sunflower plant) with geometry and not an opacity map. Is it possible with the leaves mesh or do I have to use instanced geometry? So far I have no luck with the leaves mesh - I can't seem to create that indent you see at the start of the leaf. Thanks, Terri
  5. Hi all, Is there any way to load proxies for leaves??? By the way I dont know if it makes so much sense to have proxies as leaves if later i am going to convert the whole tree to proxies again. Thanks
  6. Giona

    Close up leaves

    This is my first attempt to create some detailed tree and custom leaves with GrowFX. Rendered with Corona.
  7. Hi! For a growth animation I'm doing, I have an animated Stem that Leaves grow out of. The Stem goes up quite high, and the problem I'm having is that as the Stem continues growing, the position of the leaves changes; the move upwards together with the Stem. It seems like their position is set by a percentage value instead of a set value, so as the Stem grows the leaves sort of travel up along it. Is there a way to get the leaves to stay in the exact position they are created instead of moving up along the Stem as it grows?
  8. Hi guys, I've just started experimenting with this great plugin, so I know I'm probably missing something obvious here, but I can't seem to create leaves that have different colours on their front and back (see image attached). I'm a vray user - used to using Vray2Sided Mats for leaf translucency. Is this a geometry issue or a material issue? Here is a basic test render & leaf mesh properties attached too. - as you can see I can't get the purple back to show. Thanks a mil, Terri
  9. Hi All, Finished off another tree species the other day. Caesalpinia ferrea - Leopard Tree The last tree on the far right was made for those Archviz clients who still want to see their building through the trees. Cheers Jamie
  10. 3DMK

    Frangipani Tree

    Hi All, Here are my versions of the classic and widely used Frangipani Tree. C&C welcome. Cheers Jamie
  11. Hi to everybody. I'm new in this forum and have some time to work on GrowFx these days so... I have a simple question : in the old versions of GFx wa had some settings to bend leaves (incremental angle) but with the new version we don't have these options in the mesh builder (I have chosen standard leaves, see in PJ). Is there a solution ? And after that, is there a solution to have some different leaves in the same tree ? Thanks a lot for the help ! Roland
  12. Hi Eduard, Just wondering if it's possible to implement a new feature to make it possible for the leaves mesh & the standard leaves mesh to create a 2-sided leaf??? Could it be as easy as having the GrowFX object duplicate the leaf & just Flip the normals?? As usual, I know nothing about programming Many 3D game engines still require 2 sided polygons & it's really slow & painful to have to manually do this. You need to duplicate the entire GrowFX object, then turn off all the mesh creators except the leaves, then put a normals modifier on it, then do a edit mesh modifier on the original tree & attach the other mesh with the leaves that have flipped normals. As you can see it is quite a long process that could be completely removed by having a simple button/check-box that creates the duplicate leaf & flips the normal. I think this would make GrowFX much more user-friendly & much faster for people making trees/plants for games/low-poly. Cheers Jamie
  13. 3DMK

    Large Park area

    Hi All, Here are a couple of renders of a recent project. It's a large park area with a lake for a new housing estate. Everything built with GrowFX & distributed through the scene with Forest Pro Cheers Jamie
  14. Hello, I am new to GrowFX and I must say this tool amaze me. It is indeed a complete tool for foliage creation! Anyways, I looked up the website and the forum for an explination on how to use vertex color for leaf variation, but couldn't find what I needed. There are really beautiful renders by 3DMK for a tree with and without the use of vertex color, I tried to acheive a similar result but seems like I am missing something regarding VC and couldn't get to set it up right to create variation. Any advice or suggestion would be really appreciated! Thanks, Moh'd
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