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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm in a real hurry delivering a project, the big problem is that after I created the tree and I'm using instanced geometry for leaves, when I create the point cache animation file, the geometry make distortion, and if I use standard leaves or I take out the leaves, then everything is ok, so how can I fix this distortion? Thanks Aldo
  2. I have some kind of problem with instanced geometry, i made some leaves and textured it with megascans, then trying to put them on growfx with instanced geometry but the textures aren't attached. Megascans uses atlases and made the ferns using 1 atlas so putting the textures on them again doesn't work. Am i missing something or is it a limitation of Growfx? *edit* Nvm figured it out , using a multisub mat now.
  3. Hi, I just found out that hiding the path for an instanced geometry crashes Max. This is what I did : Opened the orange tree (from the library) in 3Ds max 2014 ans Gfx 1.9.8 sp3, then I clicked on the eye icon for the oranges (see the attached picture please) to temporarily hide them and that's it, Max crashed. I guess it might be because the instance itself is not in the scene. If that's the case it should give us a warning, not to crash. Since we might lose all our work without having an opportunity to save. Thank you, Ashkan
  4. Hi to all, I'm creating a tree with one flower in GrowFX using an "instanced geometry" mesh builder. Is there a way to bring the instanced geometry from GrowFX into particle flow after it's been animated with wind / growing leaves, etc...? Or to bake the whole GrowFX object into a editable poly with different object ID's for each piece. (not sure if it will keep the animation that way) Many thanks in advance.
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