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Found 1 result

  1. 3dsmax 2018 Corona Renderer 1.7 Growfx 1.9.9 SP6 Hi, I'm looking for some advice on instancing please. I'm new to Growfx, and CG generally, so there are many gaps in my knowledge. I'm building a room, inside which will be situated 25 plants. I have been testing Growfx recently and have built a plant I feel is sufficiently realistic, and now I need to create versions of it that appear unique. My question is what workflow should I be utilizing within Growfx to achieve this, and what techniques should be used in conjunction with it within 3dsmax? Whatever approaches are used, I need to ensure geometry is kept to a minimum as the model is already heavy, and the resulting plants look different from one another. Here are some questions and ideas... Can Growfx somehow output unique plant variations having used chaos settings throughout? How do I use a Growfx project mesh to produce other unique looking plants? Should I be breaking the mesh into sections such as leaves and stems, and then trying to instance both sets individually within 3dsmax with subtle randomness? Are there any known Maxscripts that may help me? I thought that may be I should be creating an over complicated plant design in Growfx, then use materials in 3dsMax to eliminate unwanted leaves and stem to create unique plant shapes? If anyone has some insight into this it would be really helpful! I've attached the plant design as it is right now. Thanks!
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