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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all I am looking for experts in growfx and corona render to help me animate some scenes for some current and upcoming projects. I am not sure if this is the place to search, but if it is not, could anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. i want to convert my tree with the wind animation into mesh, but i try to do so, the option is missing, please help, thanks
  3. As soon as I grow up, it will collapse. I want it to grow along the body, but it will collapse as soon as I get back. I can't continue. Can anyone help me? There is also a question, how to grow on moving people? max2019,GrowFX1.9.9SP9 test05-塌陷.max
  4. Hi All! I'm having trouble creating a realistic looking wind loop. The aim is to have a nice gentle breeze rustling the leaves and a little bit of sway in branches, but I cant find the right balance of flexibly, stiffness and wind speed. I'm using a 200 frame loop to keep my animated proxy files to a reasonable size. This means I cant use Perturb Speed or Vector Can some one please advise "weather' its better to have: High wind speed with low flexibility and high stiffness Or Low wind speeds with lower stiffness and high flexibility See images and videos for more detail. Image 1 Wind Speed 0cm: I want to have this form swaying gently Image 2 Wind Speed 50cm: Tree form is ok but not great and wind is very subtle. Even with very slow camera movement it will be barley visible in an animation (see video below) Image 3 Wind Speed 100cm: Tree looks like its in a hurricane but only moving slowly (see video below) Max 2014 file attached. Thanks in advance! Wind_help_gfx.zip
  5. Hi! For a growth animation I'm doing, I have an animated Stem that Leaves grow out of. The Stem goes up quite high, and the problem I'm having is that as the Stem continues growing, the position of the leaves changes; the move upwards together with the Stem. It seems like their position is set by a percentage value instead of a set value, so as the Stem grows the leaves sort of travel up along it. Is there a way to get the leaves to stay in the exact position they are created instead of moving up along the Stem as it grows?
  6. Hi! I'm animating a growing plant, partly by using the "Spline Direction" direction modifier for some curvature. This particular modifier is causing me some trouble however. Because of the spline it seems to be completely ignoring the Steps distance and instead adds in topology wherever it seems to calculate it's needed, mostly where and when the path curves. This means that since the curve is animated the topology of the entire path mesh changes throughout the entire animation. The problem with this is that when the branches appear the topology changes underneath them, meaning they jump around a lot as it recalculates the new topology beneath them. Is there a way to normalize the steps when using a Spline Direction modifier so that the topology stays more or less the same? (I attached a video clip where you can see the branch jump, and two pictures with the topology.) Thank you for your help! fgplanta04_growfx_animation_068_issue.mov
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