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Found 7 results

  1. I am trying to calculate frames of cache. But as soon as the carce more than 180 frames, it crashes. is there a way to recalculate the cache from that crashed frame? or loop the animation seamlessly?
  2. When I'm trying to Copy Graph from any type of node it crashes the Max. I noted it in last few builds. I'm using Max 2019 and latest GrowFX April 21 build and this issue still persists Here is the screenshot of the Copy Graph function which crashes the Max once I click it. Could you please look into this issue? Thanks
  3. Hi, I have never had this issue before, but today every time I open the 'vertex color' dialog in Mesh Builder my scene crashes.I haven't used GrowFX for the past week. Seems like GrowFX has automatically updated as I now have the mini diagrams when selecting mesh types etc. I had to reinstall Max yesterday so not sure if that has anything to do with it? Anyone else having the same problem? I'm using Max 2014, Vray 3 Thanks a mil, Terri
  4. Hey; We're using ExLevel for about 2 months now. Everything seemed to work fine and we're really happy with the product. Recently we're having some issues with driver crashes concerning our graphical cards (Geforce Titan). It only seems to happen when we're working with Exlevel, in the midst of a WIP progress. The screen will go black, then it flickers back on, with the windows popup message window saying our graphics driver just crashed and recovered. However the 3dstudio max window is frozen and we have no other option then to force-quit the software through taskmanager. Is it possible Exlevel is somewhere making our graphical card crash? We're not exceeding the limit or anything, it just seems to somewhere bug out and kill our graphics-driver. Any thoughts? Regards; Ethan
  5. Hi, I was working on a project and made some trees with meta mesh as their "mesh builder" and they all work O.K. and I saved them both in Max and Gfx files. Now that I open one of them it crashes on building meta mesh phase. It does not matter if I open the Max file or load the preset file, it'll eventually crash. I should also mention that they all had displacement applied to them. Is there a way to get my preset back as I put lots of time in creating it or is there a way to disable meta mesh on load so I can avoid the crash and then I'll try to figure what went wrong and hopefully fix it. Btw, I've also sent the files to support via e-mail. I'd appreciate any help. Ashkan
  6. Hi, I just found out that hiding the path for an instanced geometry crashes Max. This is what I did : Opened the orange tree (from the library) in 3Ds max 2014 ans Gfx 1.9.8 sp3, then I clicked on the eye icon for the oranges (see the attached picture please) to temporarily hide them and that's it, Max crashed. I guess it might be because the instance itself is not in the scene. If that's the case it should give us a warning, not to crash. Since we might lose all our work without having an opportunity to save. Thank you, Ashkan
  7. Hi, 3dsmax crashes when statring the GrowFX_1_8_6_3dsMax_2012 plugin. Even on an empty scene with growfx calculations disabled. I am running your plugin on a fairly capable machine, lenovo w700 and windows 7 professional 64bit. Please advice
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