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Found 23 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm trying to create an animation of an ivy growing on a wall. I'm using a maxtree file as a base. I need some help with the first layer of branches. Does anyone know why some branches suddenly change their position/shape when growing? I’ve attached the preview and the file I’m working on. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance anyone, for your help. Riccardo File here IVY growing_test.zip
  2. mentor

    GFX Plants 101

    GFX Plants 101 is a collection of realistic 3d models of coniferous trees for 3ds max and GrowFX 1.99. You can tweak or animate many parameters and receive desired shapes and animation. Use ready 3d plants from library or make your own variations in GrowFX, adjust height, density, style and so on, tweak wind speed, plant flexibility and make looped wind animation. 3ds Max 2017+ and the latest version of GrowFX 1.99 SP11 is required. GFX Plants 101 includes -Larix decidua variations -Picea abies variations -Picea pungens variations -74 different plants -Over 200 plant’s variations for different seasons -PBR shaders for Corona, FStorm and V-Ray -High resolution 4K textures -Integration with Forest Pack library GFX Plants 101 has 2 versions: -GrowFX version (ready for animation) -Meshes only version Download GFX Plants 101 PDF catalog GFX Plants 101 release date is 1st of May. Now GFX Plants 101 is available for pre-order with 20% Off before 1st of May. Pre-order GFX Plants 101 (GrowFX + meshes) - 150 € Pre-order GFX Plants 101 (only meshes) - 100 €
  3. Presenting realistic 3d models of animated Cocos nucifera or Coconut palm Presentation video 1: https://youtu.be/8MxPxK3vtqg Presentation video 2: https://youtu.be/vz4Pl2w73Uk Workflow video: https://youtu.be/BwGReclvK8A These high-quality 3d models include high-resolution PBR textures, shaders for Corona render, FStorm and V-Ray. It's a fully customizable 3D asset which offers creative freedom! You can tweak or animate any parameter and receive desired Palm's shape and animation. Make your own palms, adjust LODs, height, density, style and so on, tweak wind speed, palm flexibility and even make cycled wind animation! Available on Gumroa: https://gum.co/isvRk 3ds Max 2014+ and the latest version of GrowFX 2 is required. #3dmentor #gfxplants #growfx #3d #animation #palm #cocos #coconut
  4. This is an animated 3d model of Phoenix Canariensis or Canary Island date palm. You can randomise it, add growth and wind animation, tweak any parameter such as length, width, thickness, tweak amount of drought foliage, LODs etc. More details in the presentation and workflow videos I made for you. Presentation and workflow process on YouTube Phoenix Canariensis palm presentation: https://youtu.be/BDA4U3M-J2g Phoenix Canariensis palm workflow: https://youtu.be/-ecaLz52hr4 Available on Gumroad: https://gum.co/PmEUx
  5. Hello everyone, I'd like to export my growing sequence for a Unity3D use, the thing is that with alembic I'm getting UV's issues/glitches (they are moving) and when I apply an edit poly on top of it all the smoothing groups are gone any idea how to resolve this or another export format maybe ? Thanks a lot !
  6. Hi guys, i am exporting an animated plant from max as a vray proxy and importing into modo as vray proxy. At certain frame the plant explode(scales randomly, please check below image/video, also this explode is only visible with motion blurr ON). Dont know why is this happening, when i exported the same animated plant as alembic file and imported into modo with vray proxy it all looks perfect at all frames. I would have used alembic as proxy to work around now, but problem with alembic is that, each plant generate its unique material IDs and when i have example 3 plants having same materials, each of plant after export gets unique material name leading to 3 duplicate materials in the scene.Does anyone have faced such issue?,let me know if there is any workaround.Also i have exported exported from latest max 2021 and latest vray on max Render.mp4 viewport.mp4
  7. Hi! I'm on an edge of buying one of the tools that will help me with procedural creation of vegetation. One of the main requirements is the possibility to automatically create a bone system that can be rigged and used for physical animation with e.g. MassFx inside 3Ds Max (other than wind animation) Can GrowFx help me with that? If so, how does the process look like (shortly speaking of course). Thanks for your time!
  8. Hey there. I have just started using Grow FX and have applied some wind-animation to a tree. Now I want to make a mesh of this tree. Is it possible to collapse the grow fx object to a mesh with animation? Or is the any other workarounds for this? I cant find any info on this on the forum or in the user manual. I am using latest version of Grow FX and 3ds max 2014. In advance, thanks for the help.
  9. Hey all, is it possible to apply a wind animation to a grass mesh that I've already built? If so, are there any tutorials on how this can be accomplished? I'm new to growFX so I'm not quite sure where to start. Thanks!
  10. I created a plant and 'wind animated' it in SP7. But recently I installed SP8 and there's a new feature Amplitude Multiplier (Which is cool BTW) but I forgot that it would affect my animation because it has a default value set already which changes my animation to something different. Now I have many plants and trees created in the older version. Is there any way I can disable the Amplitude Multiplier effect in those? or Do I have to set its value manually to something (zero I guess?) to get my old animation back? Thank you!
  11. Hi All, Here is a little animation test of the WIND Feature in GrowFX. Hope this inspires other to have a look at using wind if they haven't already https://vimeo.com/116459617 Cheers Jamie 3DMK - Treeline
  12. Hi All, Has anyone else encountered a problem where the identified period of a loop is not the actual looping point? I have been scratching my head over this for a few days and gotten to the point where I think the stiffness value is having something done to it before it is fed into the equation. I have already worked back to the equation that generates the displayed period (which I then found in a forum post).. Leaving other variables at 1 for simplicity, I'm finding that changing the stiffness value results in loops as below: Stiffness Period Actual Period 0.5 5 ~15 (give or take a few ticks) 1 10 30 2 20 ~32 3 30 ~39 4 40 50 5 50 ~58 6 60 ~68 And so on. I've found there is a decreasing value which approaches 1 as the stiffness value increases. But that's about where my ability to pull this apart ends. The difference factor I have found does plot a pretty neat curve [3, 1.6666, 1.3333, 1.25, 1.17, 1.141667], but I can't quite bring it into something I can use to predict the actual period. If there's any suggestions out there, I'm all ears. (incidentally, GrowFX version: 1.9.9 sp2) Kind Regards,
  13. Hi! For a growth animation I'm doing, I have an animated Stem that Leaves grow out of. The Stem goes up quite high, and the problem I'm having is that as the Stem continues growing, the position of the leaves changes; the move upwards together with the Stem. It seems like their position is set by a percentage value instead of a set value, so as the Stem grows the leaves sort of travel up along it. Is there a way to get the leaves to stay in the exact position they are created instead of moving up along the Stem as it grows?
  14. Hello! I made realistic 3d models of Tilia Cordata with animation, waiting for feedback 1. First animation test, I dislike leaves anmation 2. Latest test, correct animation of leaves https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qh1huBxME0Q 3. Renderings
  15. https://vimeo.com/129513843 New black and white picture with cosmic geometric animations, timelapse lava flows, gnarly tree growths, and all matter of the universe.
  16. Hey guys, Just wondering what the difference between the two wind modifiers is. One is available in the direction modifiers, the other in the after mesh modifiers; I realise there is no difference in the GUI/settings between the two but are they meant for different workflows? Are there any advantages/disadvantages of using one over the other? Thanks in advance, Chris
  17. Hello, I'm working on a tree growth animation, but I'm having trouble producing smooth growth animation. I have nice growth animation for the primary branches, but the secondary branches are popping in rather than smoothly growing. I've added a level affect on the secondary branches path distribution start position, and also a path position affect on the secondary branches length, but I'm still getting whole branches appearing rather than smoothly growing. I've attached my Max file if that helps. Thanks smooth_grow_secondary_branches_v01.max
  18. Hi, I understand that animation grow works by animating the trunk length and setting up affects to drive the rest of the branches/leaves parameters based on the length of the trunk. How would it be possible to be able to allow the branches and leaves that did not reach their full size/length after the trunk set length has been reached to continue to grow until they have their full size? In the attached image you can see what i mean when my trunk animation reaches its last keyframe some branches at the top have already started to grow but they wont grow anymore because the trunk has finished growing. Thank you.
  19. Hi, I Have an issue with the trunk and a noise modifier causing a lot of jumps in the animation on various frames. Please see attached image. I noticed that if a hit the Update button on the bad frame it will update the path to the "correct" undistorted position I would expect it to follow but it doesn't seem to fix the issue permanently. Is there a way to prevent this issue? Thank you.
  20. First off, GrowFX is an amazing. We are very pleased with the purchase. We are starting to work on an animation that involves around 25 high poly trees animating in the wind. The trees have been created with very realistic wind parameters. Now it's just a matter of managing the file so that 25 of them can be moving at the same time. What method would you recommend using? I'm pretty new to using proxies so a detailed explanation of the work flow or tutorial would be awesome. Thank you!
  21. I've just got your software, and it looks amazing. I am very anxious to learn it. While evaluating it from your demo version, I've test-rendered wind animation of the freebie palm tree you provide for download. I've noticed that the trunks and leaf stems have very convincing movements, but the leaves are not bending and flopping in the wind as they would in reality. They do sway and twist, but are pretty stiff. In reality palm leaves are very flexible and they change their shape the most as they sway in the wind. (I know I live in Florida!) Is this just my ignorance of the software, or this is what to be expected? If they are stiff, can wind leaf distortion be added? (Man, this would blow away any competition! I use Vue Xtreme and their ready made trees are pathetic!) Also, on another topic -- the coconut palm tree in the Palms collection have coconuts that were already cleaned up from the outer layers... (It is kind of funny to see them hanging on the tree <g> I understand you guys live in Russia where those treed don't grow -- I can send you photos or videos or real trees with coconuts if you have the desire to correct it).
  22. So I want to animate a plant growing. Is there a way to control the animation of a particular parameter based on how long a particular element has existed? For instance, how would I go about animating leafs unfurling as the main trunk/stem grows? If I try to animate the parameters, I can make the unfurling animation without much effort, but as the stem grows new leaves "appear" and they appear at whatever point in the animation sequence the rest of the leaves are at. This is obviously not realistic. They should unfurl individually, not as a set. The above is a demonstration of what happens. You can see that the leaves start tightly wound, and unfurl. The problem is, new leaves appear already unfurled or in the process thereof. I would prefer if each leaf, as it appears, starts from the beginning and unfurls individually. I don't know how to time that without manually placing and animating every leaf. I'm not intimately knowledgeable of 3ds max's animation tools, but I know particles can be controlled by age, so I was wondering if GrowFX elements could be...?
  23. Hi, I'm trying to come up with a solution to create a treeline, with very subtle but noticeable animation. I'm under quite tight time constraints, so i'm debating if this is achievable in a short time frame with GrowFX. is it possible to batch convert a group of animated growfx trees to vray proxy? (takes too long to individually create proxies for each tree in the treeline) be good to get any thoughts on this thanks
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