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Found 2 results

  1. 1st Video: 2nd Video: Forgive the poor quality of the videos, they are quick renders and uploads for a brief example of my problem. The first video shows a simple leaf growth animation I developed. The leaf starts small and curled, and as it grows it becomes a fully sized leaf and unfurls. The second video shows that leaf grown animation applied as a plant stem "grows". The leaf is distributed along the length of the main "stem". The problem is, as you can see, when the plant grows the leaves "pop" into existence at whatever predetermined keyframe the animation has set. Leaves being applied later in the stem's growth cycle appear fully formed, popping into existence with little to any animation at all. I have proposed this before, and was given solutions to the problem that unfortunately are not viable. One such solution was to use the "Path Position Affects -->" to control the leaf shape, but this would not allow leaves to continue to grow after the main stem has stopped growing--they would be forever stunted at the tip of the "vine/stem", when real leaves continue to grow and unfurl even when the main stalk has ceased extending. I would like to propose some kind of "Age Affects-->" modifier that takes into account the age of a particular path, so that these animations can be fully realized as the leaves come into being while the plant grows and after even still after it stops. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. So I want to animate a plant growing. Is there a way to control the animation of a particular parameter based on how long a particular element has existed? For instance, how would I go about animating leafs unfurling as the main trunk/stem grows? If I try to animate the parameters, I can make the unfurling animation without much effort, but as the stem grows new leaves "appear" and they appear at whatever point in the animation sequence the rest of the leaves are at. This is obviously not realistic. They should unfurl individually, not as a set. The above is a demonstration of what happens. You can see that the leaves start tightly wound, and unfurl. The problem is, new leaves appear already unfurled or in the process thereof. I would prefer if each leaf, as it appears, starts from the beginning and unfurls individually. I don't know how to time that without manually placing and animating every leaf. I'm not intimately knowledgeable of 3ds max's animation tools, but I know particles can be controlled by age, so I was wondering if GrowFX elements could be...?
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