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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone!, I'm kinnda newbie within GrowFx and I still wasn't able to found any tutorial about texturing. More importantly for me would be if Growfx has any special options as to how unwrapp or mapping. I intend to work with substance designer so it would be nice to, to know if there's any special workflow.
  2. How to correct the wrong UV in the red box? Beech_03.zip
  3. I want to know if i have a trunk i want the bottom part have a different texture if possible with different mat id , so the bottom will have one type of texture and what goes beyond from there to the top a different mat id and texture, is possible?
  4. Hi Eduard, Hope you're well, I have been doing a lot of research again lately & I have come across an issue that I am trying to solve. I have used a UV unwrapped mesh for the trunk & would like to put a tileable bitmap inside the Trunk texture for the GrowFX cylinder mesh to use. Is there a way to get the cylinder mesh to use just a certain part of a bitmap?? I have tried using the tile & offset value of the cylinder mesh but I can't seem to get it right, probably because my maths is really terrible. My tileable section of the bitmap is exactly 25% the width of the entire bitmap. I was thinking it would be great to have the bitmap crop tool for the cylinder mesh as an option in the future This would be a really great thing to achieve as it can make using the tree materials much quicker as there would only be one material instead of 2 or more. I have attached an image to help explain. Thanks for your time Jamie
  5. Hi Eduard, After some recent R&D work to try & achieve more realism, I found that lots of texture variation was very important. Although it's easy to get variation in the geometry with GrowFX, I found that the UV mapping & texture tools could benifit from a new texture-atlas feature that would help get lots of texture variation quickly & easily. The problem is that if you have a lot of different bitmaps for variation then you need to have lots of unique materials which is really slow to tweak/change anything. It would be great to have a feature that automatically chopped the bitmap into into individual crops based on user input. That way you could instantly have a huge amount of variation quickly and easily, with only one material to tweak/change. I know the GrowFX Multimap does this to some degree but you still need to load each map individually. I think it would be more ideal to have the process Automatic, especially if you have 20+ different leaves. I have made an image to explain my idea better [Please see attached] Thanks Jamie
  6. Here at work we only use Mental Ray. Any ideas when the plugin will support Mental Ray? We really need it. Thanks!
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