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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All, I did a short tutorial to show how easy it is to modify the shape of a tree by using Geometry & the Object Slice Modifier. Hope this helps Jamie
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering what the difference between the two wind modifiers is. One is available in the direction modifiers, the other in the after mesh modifiers; I realise there is no difference in the GUI/settings between the two but are they meant for different workflows? Are there any advantages/disadvantages of using one over the other? Thanks in advance, Chris
  3. Hi, there is a plant i created in GrowFX. it's looks good ,every branches interval are uniform distribution. but when i add "Noise" modifier on "trunk",you will see some "branch1" changed their direction. some place become a big hole,and some place the branch cross together. i know this will let the trees looks natural. but,in fact ,The trees in order to get enough sun light.they will change the direction of branch to let it fill the hole. the branch and leaf will distribution on average without human intervention. Can you develop a new function to reduce the modifiers in parent-path effect sub-path? or some function to control "path" distribution on average! I always use a lots of time to adjust branches to let the trees looks plump at every angle. As you can see , the trees will grow like shape "1" not shape "2"。but now ,if i add "Noise" modifier in GrowFX, it will looks like shape"2"
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