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  1. It's cool! Thank you very much!Eduard and Tobitobs. Tobitobs ,You gave me a great tutorial!I will study it carefully,Thanks again!
  2. Hello!everyone! Does anyone export dynamic plants (with material) to other software? Such as maya. Is there anyone with the same problem as me? I was tortured for a long time to this question........
  3. HI! I have a simple question, forgive my ignorance...... How to make the tree hole edge convex rise?In the help file, raised on the edge of the tree is very beautiful!How can I make it like that! Thanks in advance! hole.max
  4. Hi I downloaded some free models from the growfx official website. I would like to learn some of the methods from these examples I practice making a cactus model,but when I finished this“mesh builder” step,these thorns can not be attached to the surface, In my understanding, The length of the“distributor” of the growing thorn should be equal to the radius of the stem,but these values should have curve control,It is difficult to be precise I understand the incorrect or there are other ways to control that? Because the example is done perfectly! I look forward to reply Thanks in advance! practice.max practice.max
  5. hi Eduard,thank you vray much !Forgive me I'm a beginner. I tried once, I think I understand a little,But there are still a few questions to ask 1.I seem to have understood the application of the attribute that the "Parameter: Path Position" under the panel“path distributor”,This parameter is adjusted for almost all parameters of the branch。But under the “attribute in point” panel , these parameters have any special purpose? these are "Parameter: angle div"、"Parameter: angle bend"、"Parameter: offset",Can you help me give an example? 2. under the “direction modifiers” panel,“”Parameter:xxx” these parameter can affect the next levels of branch attribute adjustment,and can be used to regulate plant growth animation,But what is the difference between these two parameters :“Parameter: angle”、“Parameter: length” I do not know if I understand it right. Best regards Thanks in advance
  6. hi Recently I began to learn Growfx,Now I have a basic problem. This similar parameter is repeated in many panels What's the difference between them,Although I did some try, but still very puzzled。 Can you help me? My English is not very good, if there is actually a graphic case easier to understand.... Thanks in advance
  7. hi! Who can help me solve this problem I am a maya user,I want to export the growfx to maya with the cache. But there may be material loss in maya if import the cache. I would like to know what kind of process is right? I follow the following process to do 1.i assigned multi/sub-object material to Growfx in 3dmax(I would like to keep these different materials in maya,) 2.export the cache(Autodesk cache(*.xlm)) in 3dmax 3.export fbx in 3dmax 4.import fbx to maya(now this mesh have many different phong materials) 5.import Geometry cache in maya 6.save scence But when i open the file again,used the“delete unused nodes” in the hypershade,These phong materials are all deleted.and can not use the“select objects with material ”,I try to export Alembic objects(single) as well. Can tell me what kind of process is right? My English is not very good, please understand Thanks in advance! Hawkington
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