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  1. Perfect! That's the answer I wanted. Ok... Let's wait for that.
  2. Sorry if I didn't explain it well. I have the liscence but my clients not. That's the thing. For them to randomizer the model or change it accordingly their needs I don't know if they will do it without a liscence. :/
  3. Hello! I want to know how grow will work for the non liscence users. I'm asking that course now there's a way to block the access to the graph editor. So I immagine that only the exposed parameters will be accessible for that person without the copyright permission. But in earlier versions of the GrowFx without a license was impossible for someone to work with a lot of models on the scene and each model had some paths restrictions. How it will work for the GrowFx 2.0
  4. Can you put a comment area that we can add on the graph? It will be usefull. so we can add some notes to not lose track on owur plants Thanks
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