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  1. I just know it ,not use one file for cache ;use each frame;
  2. a wind animation tree,can't convert to point cache more than 50 frame........... max 2016 AM_154_033_Jacaranda_Mimosifolia.max
  3. How to make a rose blossom use growfx? I just try to use the vector_dir to make it blend but faces interspersed. Any tut ples....
  4. I reinstall my pc‘systerm but forgoten to deactive the growfx. Now I just can't active it. How to use it again,my friend? Pleasue...................... (my english is poor, wish you could know my words.) (I have send a email to surpport ,no reply)
  5. mostly I don't know the plant's branche structure.
  6. I have done it for days with gfx 1.9. But not like this.
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