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  1. Vertex Color crash

    Yes ! Thank you Eduard, indeed the last realse fixes the problem I downloaded the files on April 11.. Looking forward to seeing new developments
  2. Vertex Color crash

    Hi all, I use this topic because I have the same problem Max crash when I activate the vertex color dialog on the instance mesh I am on the 1.9.9 SP4 / Max 2016 Someone can try it if it works ? Thanks in advance
  3. Densify path / Height of the tree

    Ok many thanks Eduard for your help !
  4. Densify path / Height of the tree

    Thanks Eduard ! It works from the first branching (path distributor mode) but not for the trunk (Distributor mode) There is no parametre : path position for the distributor mode should I change the trunk to path distributor mode ?
  5. Hi all, First of all I would like to thank Eduard for this awesome plugin. I would like to know how I can densify corresponding to the foliage (or last branching) according to the height of my tree You will find in the attachment an example Thank you in advance for your help