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  1. nice! Only improvement proposal: I would reduce the steps on the mint, the stem looks a bit angular. Cheers tobi
  2. Hey, I found a Vue-Tutorial by Massi http://www.3dtotal.com/tutorial/2254-environments-in-vue-forest-vue-by-massimo-verona-environment-trees?page=2 in this tutorial he uses xfrog plants but I think it's still very interesting how to setup the "ecosystem" materials in vue. Cheers
  3. Hi, I dont know if this is a good idea but maybe a "searching bar" for modifier could be usefull. If you are in the path parameters you press spacebar or something and can search for the modifier you are looking for. I mean after many times I know exactly where the modifiers are but I work alot with hotkeys in 3ds... just a thought Cheers, Tobi
  4. guess it's hard to improve an allready very good product But I'm sure the waiting will be worth it.
  5. super cool! With standard mesh you mean meta mesh?
  6. hey, thx good idea I'll ask the master himself What I figured out so far by myself: It's a bit tricky to get your materials from 3ds to vue. Let's say you got your growfx converted into a mesh with a multisub-Material (Standard-Material somehow my vray or double-sided materials didnt work) you go to export selected with "Save as type: .OBJ" there is a Vue preset that works quite well, I only uncheck "Flip YZ-axis (Poser-like)" Then you can import your plant in VUE and it should be complete with correct materials. Inside VUE you can edit your materials and replace the leaf-material with a double-sided material. Hope that helps somebody Pls correct me if I'm wrong or there is a better way. Cheers, Tobi
  7. Hello, has anybody of you experience with growfx + vue and got any tips? I saw the work of Massi San (for example on artstation https://www.artstation.com/artist/massisan) and it looks so good . Tried to import my plants into vue but for me the material system is very strange and I feel more comfortable with 3ds.... so I tried the other way and tried the Vue xStream plugin in 3ds. Any tipps are welcome Cheers, Tobi
  8. ah thx Eduard I forgot to set the turn axis of my "children" to 0....all problems solved, my bad. You can delete the thread if you want
  9. Hello, next noob question : How does the "Allign Children" modifier exactly work? When I use it, nothing changes I want the leaves of my leaflet to be on the same level, I mean a vector modifier would be close but the "allign children" mod looks like more what I wanted (looked it up in the growfx manual). Cheers, Tobi
  10. Hello ptrain, thank you I use vray. I looked at different plant models (laubwerk, archmodels etc.) and they use often different maps but after I tested a bit for myself I dont really see a reason to use many different (reflect, refract, refl. gloss. refr. gloss, highlight gloss...). Guess the most important factor for the choice of maps is, how close you see the plant. Yeah I try to work without unwrapping, I like the growfx uv mapping I think I just put more effort into my textures and I'll experiment with the growfx multimap I want the mossy textures at the bottom of the trunk Cheers, Tobi
  11. Hi, sorry if this is a noob request but could anybody give a brief overview about his/her texturing workflow? What I got: My growfx-model, then I grabbed my cam and took many photos off the desired tree (mostly the bark). Would you unwrap the parts, render the uv and work in photoshop? I know there are many possibilities inside growfx too, and I really like the "hybrid" solution of combining vertext colour and a greyscale bitmaps but the seems of my textures are still visibile, I've read you can offset the uv. Would this help to hide the seems? Or do you guys use seemless textures? And which maps do I need to get the best result? I got bitmap2material so I could produce many maps off my photos. Diffuse, bump, displace, (reflect? ao?)...? Cheers, Tobi
  12. Hi, I dont know if this is new to anybody else but I just figured out a cool feature: When you use the Vector_dir Modifier (Direction Modifier) and go down check "Another Global Vector" and "Orientation for leaves" you can pick your sun as global vector and your leaves will direct to the lightsource like it is mostly in the nature Cheers, Tobi
  13. Holy moly how did you do that Jamie? Like you said in the other thread "You could try using a second GrowFX object for the bark that uses a surface distributor on the trunk of the main GrowFX object."? So the trunk consists of different objectives? And how did this work with the displacement? And the bark ships are leave-meshes? Your example looks almost like photoscanned, so realistic. So many questions.....pls share your wisdom Cheers tobi
  14. hm I still got issues if I use the surface distributer there is "Parameter: Surface:" where I tested several options but it didnt get me the result I wanted. Another optiton: I used my moss with forrestpack and used a map for scaling my branches it doesn't look 100% natural, but I'm still learning growfx constructive cristism welcome
  15. Hi, thanks for your help, that's what I searched for the offset affect If I understand the example right you used the method ptrain03 meant, first path very tiny and then use the affect parameter on the second path. That helped alot Tobi
  16. Hi guys, I want to make some moss...I started like this: I made a 2D shape with organic forms then I used the surfdistr. modifier and picked my shape as surface. Now my question: How do I get the "pillow"-form? I mean that the small moss branches are short to the corner of my shape and longer in the middle, hope you understand. My first thought was to use affect parameters but couldnt find the right one or would you guys work with a Trim-modifier? Or work completly different from the start? Cheers, Tobias
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