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  1. Hello artmonky, 5k Poly is quite low I'd say... you have so much empty space in your twigs, in some engines it is better to have more poly but have less "wasted" space in the opacity map. I think you should work with LODs, the low poly flat branches dont look good when they are close to the viewer or is your game more "stylized"? And which game engine are you using? Cheers
  2. Hello, I have no idea if this technical possible but it would be awesome if we could use photoscanned trunks as a mesh for our growfx object. Maybe convert a IG_mesh builder into a metamesh? When I use a photoscanned trunk in 3ds I often use a slice mod to get a clean cut on the top, maybe growfx can use this flat shape to connect to another meta mesh? Cheers, Tobi
  3. that wasnt meant offensive...trying to give constructive critism. The pictures shows an old stone pine I guess, the "typical" stone pine doesnt look like that.
  4. I think picture one is more Pinus sylvestris still looks super! Pinus pinea (with the tasty nuts) is growing around the mediterranean sea and has more the umbrella shape like mentor said.
  5. hello kasido, I'm not sure if I understand what you trying to do. You want your "growfx006" look like the "growfx005" just with several trunks? Have you tried to set Vector_direction modifier of the leaves to "Local vector"?
  6. Hi Mark, I dont have much experience with unreal but do you know http://overview.artbyrens.com/ ? He uses growfx for the vegetation as far as I know. For the whole real-time thing I guess the polycount has to be as low as possible. And most people use an alpha-map as opacity in combination with a low poly mesh. "artbyrens" doesnt use very complex shaders, just diffuse/normal/height/transluceny + Alpha and it looks super good to me. Cheers
  7. Hello, do you know this tutorial? https://www.ronenbekerman.com/growfx-tree-archipelago-house/?utm_campaign=coschedule&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=ronenbekerman&utm_content=The%20GrowFX%20Tree%20at%20the%20Archipelago%20House I think the part with the "To make the broken branches effect..." may help you. Cheers
  8. hello, with trunk size you mean the circumference or the height? If you mean the height I think this tutorial will help https://www.maxtree.org/grow-parameters-in-growfx/ Cheers.
  9. Hello Terri, the leaves mesh is actually quite adjustable : I used the "Width" and the "Angle along" graphs, just play a bit with the points to archieve the desired result. Cheers, Tobi
  10. wow thats tricky do you have textures of the bark and the red cambium? Inside growfx I think I would seperate the parts with different distributor, in order to assign different materials. To archieve the step between lower and upper part you could use displacement I think the bark is romoved like 4cm deep during the cork harvest.
  11. Hello Terri, I think it depends on the leaves, for picture one I would use instanced geometry because it seems very curly for the rather flat leaves or simple bent leaves I think the leaves_mesh will do it's job. cheers, Tobi
  12. Hello, I just wanted to share a (for me) super usefull photoshop tool: http://www.polyleaf.com/index.php/products/ "FixEdgesForAlpha" it's acutally a PS action. "Two actions for making alpha with less haloing. One blurs the original creating soft edges. The second copies the base image and nudges it out on all four sides one pixel" Maybe it is a tip rather for the beginner When I started cutting leaves out to get a alpha mask for the opacity I had the problem with a small white boarder around the edges (I think the correct discription is "haloing" or "bleeding"). The first noob mistake was to let the background empty.... to cut a long story short: The FixEdgesForAlpha solves this problem really easy and you get really clean results. Cheers, Tobi
  13. holy moly I like the focal point on the plants in the first picture, and very nice lightning in all. May I ask which textures did you use? Sigershaders for the wood?
  14. Hello, there is also a very good tutorial for that https://tinyurl.com/m2lk2mm Have fun, Cheers P.S.: I just changed from 3ds 2013 to 2017... is it just me or is it much faster and stable? In 2013 meta mesh was allways a problem for me, now in 2017 I can change everything in real time without crashing 3ds
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