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  1. Hi, this is a new set of images done for Artemide. This product had to be placed into a private garden, so I made all the vegetation with GrowFX. Textures are scans from my garden. Rendered with Corona Renderer. Designer: Sonia Calzoni for Artemide Here you can see a short video of the product: Cheers.
  2. Really awesome! Can you give some advice to create trees to be used in UE4? Any tricks to save memory and FPS? The scene you created run without problems or is it slow? Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm trying to create a detailed grape vine tree. The general shape is mostly ok, but I'm struggling trying to replicate the appearence of the main trunk bark. In attachment you can see a photo of the bark with splinters that I would like to create. I tried to use the copy direction modifier attached to the main trunk, the problem is that I can't manage to use the radial offset, because the trunk has a custom graph that control the radius of the mesh. (see attachment) Any idea to solve this problem? Thanks
  4. Giona

    Close up leaves

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try to fix the steps. Cheers
  5. Giona

    Close up leaves

    This is my first attempt to create some detailed tree and custom leaves with GrowFX. Rendered with Corona.
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