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  1. well guess i won't get an answer time to move to speedtree then ....
  2. migero

    Cant render Growfx point cache

    did you converted growfx to mesh and reatached point cache ?
  3. migero

    Cant render Growfx point cache

    pliz remove 1st post then -edit if u remove pointcache can u render still mesh ?
  4. hello again sorry for delay in replay here is the max file with growfx object prunus_serrulata-4.zip
  5. Hello I'm trying to record wind animation using point cache. I'm not using meta-mesh or optimize faces but point cache modifier says the poly count changes after some frames of recording. I tried to record single paths by hiding others and all goes well. Problem is only when i want all paths in single point cache. And sometimes the growfx changes to Manual update while recording - tree has around 1 mln poly. I' ve found similar topic: https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/94-caching-growfx-system/ was this bug addressed? I'm I to send you the scene? will that help? regards migero