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  1. It's been a while since I've properly used GrowFX for anything other than manipulating simple trees. I'm now trying to figure out how to have something grow out of a bowl and then hang to the floor like the attached. Any pointers would be much appreciated
  2. Perfect thanks again Eduard. I quite like the random branches sticking out
  3. Eduard That's awesome. I think you've cleared everything up now apart from one thing, when I duplicate the GrowFX to a different working plane, the leaves orientation is no incorrect and I'm not sure what to change. See attached. If you look at GrowFX05, you'll see the leaves on the underside of the walkway are protruding through again. I simply copied across one of the other GrowFX objects and changed the angle axis of the VINES to suit the new working plane of the new wall VINES_WALKWAY_3_2.max
  4. Hi Eduard - me again. So I'm very close to what I want to achieve (at least in on section anyway). My only issue now is the Ivy still protruding through the walls and also making sure my leaves are correct for Ivy in terms of their orientation. Would you be able to take a look at the attached file and tell me if I'm missing anything. VINES_WALKWAY_3.max
  5. Hi mentor Is this tree available to buy anywhere?
  6. Awesome thanks for the help. I might just continue this geometry all the way round, so it's still one complete piece and test that, if not, I'll go with separate items, but I can work with this. Thanks for your help Eduard.
  7. Ok no worries, so last question is, why does it behave more predicatably with the new geometry? What was wrong with the original stuff?
  8. Ok no problem. So for each gap between the arches, I'll need to adjust the custom object each time so that it grows predictably and keep them all as unique custom objects rather than attaching together. I'm not sure that will solve the issue of it growing around the beams though, but I think it will be a good enough compromise for now
  9. Thanks Eduard. The only issue I have with your file, is if I change any of the settings away from what you've set, it goes weird again. For example, if I change the distance of the subdivide it changes drastically. If I change the strength to anything other than 30% it starts to penetrate and go wrong again. It just feels like all of the settings are incredibly sensitive. What you've provided looks great, I just want to straighten the main vine a bit so it grows a bit more centrally to the wall. Once this vine is done, I was also hoping to just copy it around to the other walls and change the seed for multiple variations.
  10. So I think there were a few issues. In general I was simply struggling to get the vines/ivy growing straight up the wall and then straight across under the walkway/beams. I'd get so far, then struggle with penetration (as you have in your screenshot in the other thread), the branches start to penetrate the walkway. The walkway in reality is only a 1cm thick sheet of glass. I've just created dummy geometry and attached it all together to try and avoid penetration. What I don't fully understand is the Object Reaction settings. What are the values actually doing for Reflection and Magnetic? How do they work with each other or in some cases trade off each other? It feels like there are threshold before they weird out a bit. I simply want 3 levels of branches/vines sticking as close to the geometry as possible.
  11. hmm i can't remember what settings I was using now. I think it was to do with the magnetic settings - will respond properly in the other thread
  12. It was exactly the same issue. Get the trunk looking correct, add some branches, copy the Object Modifier across and the trunk changes shape.
  13. Which update is this? I'm having a similar issue hence my recent post. I'm on 1.9.9 SP6
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