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  1. Hi @Eduard just to clarify: how would one be able to align the leaves without wind? Thanks!
  2. Hi @Eduard, I included the wind not for the animation but for the flowing shape that it gives to the stems, which seems to look more natural, and water-y, than I can do just with VectorDirection. (These will eventually become 3d prints cast into steel, or aluminum, that's also why the heavy leaf meshes.) Thanks for taking a look into it!
  3. Hello, I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to best approach Water lilies? Currently I have an ObjectSlice node to cut the branches at water level. I am using a Vector direction curve to point the ends straight up and am able to align most leaves this way but not all of them. Is there a better way to align the leaves to the surface of the water? Also is there a better way to distribute the leaves on the water, so they are not overlapping, than to manually place them with the Shape modifier node? Is there maybe some sort of branch collision system that could be implemented? One problem with the Shape modifier node, besides being manual, is that one cannot copy the modified positions into another growFX instance, that I need to convert to mesh. Any advice appreciated. NymphaOdorata_WaterLily_10_ISO.max NymphaOdorata_WaterLily_10_ISO.max
  4. Thanks @Eduard ! That seems to have done the trick: ThistleAnimation_A19_2.mp4
  5. Hi, I am getting flickering on what seems like the instance chaos count as well as the size. Have looked everywhere but cant seem to find the problem. Thanks for any help! Edit: fixed the video example codecs ThistleAnimation_TestA5.mp4 ThistleAnimation_TestA6.mp4 Thistle_A_07.zip
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