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  1. Hello guys, Sorry for my late reaction. The cropping tool is working fine and is a decent way to achieve my target, thanks for that! Still i am curious if it's possible to do it with a instanced geometry. I saw they doing it in a tutorial of itoo software, where they had cut out the leaves of a quixel atlas. i've attached the max file. kind regards, Martijn Brands fern_cropping images.max
  2. Hello everybody, I am trying to deform my leaves as an instance geometry along the splines. As you see in the attached printscreen, the leaves are placed straight. Does somebody know what i am doing wrong? Thanks already!
  3. Hello Eduard, Thanks for your quick reply and solution! And by the way, it is still a wonderfull program.
  4. Hello everybody, Can somebody help me to solve my problem? I want to make a main leaf with sub leaves wich has different sizes in a single path. The attached files will clarify what i mean (i hope:). Thanks already! Martijn Brands plant 1.max
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