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  1. Thank you Eduard, for now i'm just introducing the min distance using the graph, it seem to keep the value when you save the file. I'll wait for the update as we will need to update all the machines on the studio. Thanks
  2. Hi Eduard, I'm not sure this is happening just to me, but I'm having a problem with the new features. I'm working in max 2017 and I work in meters. Every time I reopen the file, the Min distance under the prevent penetration option is reset to 1, that make the plant react in a very weird way. Normally I use 0.01m
  3. hi totibobs, thanks for your answer. To make the question simple lets just focus on the second and third picture. What I want to do is bend the plant and not have all the leaves falling to the left.
  4. alpinia zerumbet.max here is the file with the plants
  5. Im trying to replicate this plant I get to this point where I am quite happy with it the problem comes when I try to bend the main trunk, all the leaf seem to turn around the trunk and fall in the same direction I've found that I can avoid this using after mesh modifiers But now that i want to create a bigger plant with severals trunks I can't control the direction of this trunks with after mesh modifiers. I can fix it changing the angle bend for the leaves from 1 to 20, but then i'm loosing the effect that the leaves are breaking off the trunk. Whats the proper way to do this effect?? or how can I avoid the leaf doing this??
  6. Hi Eduard, thanks for you quick reply! When I click generate multimaterial again the entire tree get the leaf material. I create a new simply file but its happening again. Thanks leaf_material_test.max
  7. Hi, I just start using growfx, so maybe i´m doing something wrong. I build the tree with the ¨Disable all Meta Meshes" on. For the leaves, I´m using instanced geometry to use a custom leaf. Then I select generate Multimaterial, this way I can use the material on the leaf object. The problem came when I untick ¨Disable all Meta Meshes¨, then the material for the leaves disapear and use the tree growfx material instead. How can I keep the object material and enable Meta meshes at the same time?? Thanks
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