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  1. Hi there, I need help please - I'm submitting renders today and I can't troubleshoot the problem I'm having with my palm shrub. As you can see from the attached images, I have created a large palm shrub, and all looks fine in the gfx file. Nothing different from usual. However, when rendering, the leaves only render up to a certain point on the branch, and then nothing. I switched on 2-sided leaves on the mesh builder...no difference. It's not a material issue, because I tested with a default grey colour and it's the same issue. Can anyone help? Thanks so much!
  2. hi. is there any way to enable calculations without restarting max - growFX often causes crashes, and restarting becomes tedious on larger files thanks
  3. Thanks Eduard...that seems to do the trick. Strange because I have tried that before...I must've had other settings conflicting with it.
  4. Hi there, I have tried for many years to create this style with no success...so thought it's about time I just ask! I often need to create vines that grow up fences etc, and it would greatly help if the branches that originate from the main stem would grow as I have uploaded on my images here. As if from the top, the branches emerge 180 degrees opposite from each other (I would then obviously randomise this slightly). Generally I will create a normal distributor, or Point distributor for the stem, and then a Path Distribution for the branches (Circular type usually). My issue is, that 'turn axis', 'angle divergence', and 'start vector: angle axis' all seem to do the same thing, and no matter how I try I can't get the effect I want. I have read through the help docs, but to be honest they are limited in explanation and I'm still unsure. So I would be very grateful if someone could explain how to create the explained scenario. I'm positive that it is very simple indeed...obviously not simple enough for me though! Many thanks! Terri
  5. Hi Eduard, I'm having the same issue..I'd posted about it here. I'm using GrowFX 1.9.9 SP10. Was this supposed to be fixed with SP10? It's definitely my Wind that is causing the crash. Please help. Thanks, Terri
  6. Hi there, My file keeps crashing when I open it...after merging everything it appears that it's the Wind modifier that is causing this crash. Only happens when I open a file. The wind is applied to certain GFX objects, which are then scattered using Itoo Forest Pack (also using Forest LODs). I'm using Vray 5 (latest update) and 3DS Max 2021 (latest update). Please help! Thanks, Terri
  7. Hi Eduard, So I'm trying out GPU rendering vs CPU...in fact I've also been playing with hybrid rendering and the time saving results are pretty awesome. Seems like this is definitely the way of the future, and for us artists any option to save time is a very welcome one! BUT...I use GrowFX with Forest pack on pretty much every project. It seems like GrowFX objects are completely disregarded by GPU rendering in Vray. Is that a Chaos thing or an Exlevel thing? Thanks, Terri
  8. I merged everything into a new file...crashes. However, when I merge without the GFX Wind object it's ok. This has only been happening since I updated GFX the other day.
  9. Hi Eduard, Max is crashing since I updated to the latest GFX version, but it seems to be a problem with multimap, as when I uninstall multimap it stops crashing. I am working on 3ds max 2014, Windows 7, Vray Next. Please advise. Thanks, Terri
  10. yes, turns out it was an IG mesh used for the flowers - I just deleted and added again and it fixed the problem. thanks!
  11. Hi, I recently updated to max 2021 and have opened an old file (about a year old), and I am getting the attached error message for some star jasmine I created. I'm not using the beta version to create this one, but I have downloaded the latest version of growFX. Please advise. Thanks
  12. Hi Eduard, Out of interest do you have a projection date for the final release of GFX 2...that is, no more beta? Thanks a mil
  13. Hi there, Before installing anything and potentially causing computer confusion, I just wanted to check if it's possible to have more than one version of GrowFX installed on the same machine. The reason being this: I use 3DS Max 2014, but I want to test 2020, so I downloaded the trial. Can I install both growFX for 2014 and 2020 on the same machine? Thanks
  14. Hi Eduard...and all you out there, I'm not sure what settings to use for the leaves in this ticky creeper? In fact, I don't really understand a lot of the distributor settings and end up just playing around until it looks right. I usually use circular leaf distributor, but in this case should it be angular? I have switched off all my Direction modifiers until it looks right and then I will add variation with them. Please help! Unless you think I am on the right path... Thanks a mil, Terri
  15. Hi Nik, This thread may help you: https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/603-preparing-a-tree-with-wind-for-forest-pack/
  16. Hi Eduard, I have that issue on occasion. Please can you send me the update (if it's different from SP7). Thanks
  17. maxtree has a very good selection that you can adjust to fit your needs. not sure of lumion interoperability...
  18. Hi, I want to create some GFX plants to use with Forest Pack on vertical green walls. According to the tutorial below, I need to align the plants z-axis perpendicular to the wall. Please can someone advise the best way to create a plant like those attached with the pivot point of the GFX object correctly set up? Every time I try and rotate the GFX pivot it messes up my Vector Direction modifiers. Thansk, appreciate it!!! https://www.itoosoft.com/tutorials/scattering-on-vertical-surfaces
  19. Hi, The latest update seems to have fixed many issues in this area. Give it a try. I can now loop animations using 25fps even...
  20. Hi Ptrain, I'm having some issues trying to use the method you have described above. I would ideally like to use a mesh with the Point Cache Modifier as I'm noticing that Forest Pro often has issues reading my geometry when it's the GFX model with cached animation. Do you first use the built-in cache record option with GrowFX, and THEN record with the modifier, or do you abstain from caching within GFX model altogether? Hope that makes sense! I downloaded your file, but the mesh with Point Cache modifier doesn't work...maybe it's my version of Max? I'm using 2014. Thanks (PS Eduard have you heard of that issue with animated GrowFX models within Forest Pack Pro before?)
  21. Thanks Eduard. Good to know! I always check it when starting my growFX model as I usually make a copy mesh once satisfied and save the growFX original to a clean file.
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