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  1. Hi there, Before installing anything and potentially causing computer confusion, I just wanted to check if it's possible to have more than one version of GrowFX installed on the same machine. The reason being this: I use 3DS Max 2014, but I want to test 2020, so I downloaded the trial. Can I install both growFX for 2014 and 2020 on the same machine? Thanks
  2. Hi Eduard...and all you out there, I'm not sure what settings to use for the leaves in this ticky creeper? In fact, I don't really understand a lot of the distributor settings and end up just playing around until it looks right. I usually use circular leaf distributor, but in this case should it be angular? I have switched off all my Direction modifiers until it looks right and then I will add variation with them. Please help! Unless you think I am on the right path... Thanks a mil, Terri
  3. Hi Nik, This thread may help you: https://exlevel.com/forum/index.php?/topic/603-preparing-a-tree-with-wind-for-forest-pack/
  4. Hi Eduard, I have that issue on occasion. Please can you send me the update (if it's different from SP7). Thanks
  5. maxtree has a very good selection that you can adjust to fit your needs. not sure of lumion interoperability...
  6. Hi, I want to create some GFX plants to use with Forest Pack on vertical green walls. According to the tutorial below, I need to align the plants z-axis perpendicular to the wall. Please can someone advise the best way to create a plant like those attached with the pivot point of the GFX object correctly set up? Every time I try and rotate the GFX pivot it messes up my Vector Direction modifiers. Thansk, appreciate it!!! https://www.itoosoft.com/tutorials/scattering-on-vertical-surfaces
  7. Hi, The latest update seems to have fixed many issues in this area. Give it a try. I can now loop animations using 25fps even...
  8. Hi Ptrain, I'm having some issues trying to use the method you have described above. I would ideally like to use a mesh with the Point Cache Modifier as I'm noticing that Forest Pro often has issues reading my geometry when it's the GFX model with cached animation. Do you first use the built-in cache record option with GrowFX, and THEN record with the modifier, or do you abstain from caching within GFX model altogether? Hope that makes sense! I downloaded your file, but the mesh with Point Cache modifier doesn't work...maybe it's my version of Max? I'm using 2014. Thanks (PS Eduard have you heard of that issue with animated GrowFX models within Forest Pack Pro before?)
  9. Thanks Eduard. Good to know! I always check it when starting my growFX model as I usually make a copy mesh once satisfied and save the growFX original to a clean file.
  10. Sorry to be off point with the original theme here, but can I ask why there's even the option to convert to mesh? Shouldn't this be taken for granted and built into the main framework? Or does it improve performance to have it unchecked? Thanks
  11. Hi Eduard, I love the vertex color option within GrowFX, but I find the interface a bit limiting - especially the Coloring along Paths option. It would be great to have a larger gradient, and the option of deleting flags that are inserted accidentally. Thanks
  12. Hi Eduard, I get this error message when trying to run your script:
  13. Hi team, I almost always create two versions of any plant - one high res for closeups, and an optimised version for far off viewing. This takes me tweaking parameters on each path. It would be great to have an after mesh modifier that applies to all paths and optimises steps and perhaps cylinder sides to a percentage that you can determine. Kind of like the ProOptimise modifier in max. I know there's the Optimise steps modifier already built in - I'm talking about a general one doing essentially the same thing, but perhaps also minimising object sides. Hope that makes sense. Apologies if it's already been mentioned elsewhere. Thanks, Terri
  14. Yip...avoiding self-intersection of the same plant paths is high up on the request list for me.
  15. Not sure if it's already been requested, but I'd love to see this feature implemented.
  16. OK, I flipped my normals (of the plane) and all good!
  17. Hi Eduard, I have the latest version of GFX installed but I'm still having this problem. This time I'm creating ivy that grows from below (Points Distributor). I have attached an image that will hopefully explain my dilemma. If you look at the top viewport you will see that I only want the geometry being created in front of the blue plane, but as always there are many branches that intersect my Object React source and create unnecessary geometry behind that won't be visible (but will use up valuable resources). My workaround is to sometimes add boxes as Object Slice modifiers, but this is a step that surely is unnecessary? Do you need my file? Thanks
  18. Yes, it's far simpler to deactivate within a complex scene than remove 95% of the points and re-select
  19. Hi Eduard, Would be great to have the option within the PointDistributor to select certain points and disable them. For example, I am creating an ivy creeper and have multiple points for the stems. When the calculations get heavier it would be fantastic to only enable one of the points to see how the child paths react with the wall and once happy, reactivate the other points. Hope that makes sense. Thanks again for great customer support!
  20. Hi Eduard, Is it possible for me to get the update to the Object Reaction modifier too? I also do many creepers and have the exact same problem as Davius - you set everything up perfectly, and then by just adding a child path or a simple modifier the entire form changes. Thanks
  21. ...and if you can show me how to achieve this effect on the end I would be most grateful! Thank you Eduard!
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