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  1. Hi, yes thanks it helps. I can use forest pack and multiscatter using collapsed mesh with Point Cache files per frame. Although, I don't know why but there's a very long delay of processing geometrie with forest pack (not with multiscatter). One important thing is that it is still quite heavy to have mesh samples in the scene even if it's only one sample per species, it adds up very fast if you have about 10 species. So I'm thinking it would be great to be able to export proxy per frame directly from growfx. I mean a proprietary growfx proxy in the same way vray, corona, octane... have proxy. Do you think that could be possible in the near future? Thanks
  2. Hi, I've been trying to export animated vegetation has proxys with octane and vray but the files are way too big (about 10 G for 250 frames) and it causes the render to crash or most times there are errors loading the files during rendering. So I tried exporting cache files per frame and that works fine but I'm only able to copy instances manually. Impossible to use forest pack pro or multiscatter with theses files. Anybody knows what I'm I doing wrong? Thanks
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