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  1. Hello, I want to to create twisted palm leafs and I can't get the correct result like on the right picture. I need symmetrical leaf twist. Help would be greatly appreciated I'm attaching my palm test file. It is made in newest growfx and max 2013. test.max
  2. Jacob

    help with point cache

    This is 100 frames looped wind animation and it is already converted to pointcache. ( I always use wind on after mesh modifiers.) Pointcache works excelent only on my local machine - it renders animation without problems, It fails when I'm using distributing rendering in vray. I wonder if anyone had the same problem. (farms see .pc2 files, there are no missing files problem)
  3. Hi, Render farms fail to properly render pointcache I have no idea why. It always renders like in attachment When i convert to vray proxy, it renders fine, but pointcache has neat record strength feature. Any ideas how to get .pc2 files to work correctly ?
  4. Jacob

    Leaf mesh surface noise

    It is working, many thanks !
  5. Hello, I want to create small garden plant "Funkia". Right now I'm using angle across map with noise, but then every single leaf has the same exact surface noise. Is there a way to make this look more random ? funkia.max
  6. Jacob

    Metamesh UVW problem

    Somehow i got it. It seems it is connected to an uvw U Offset. When offset it bigger than a certain value it will cause this bug when using metamesh. So be careful
  7. Hello, Sometimes I've been encountering a following problem when using metamesh, mainly on the bigger trees. Please help guys I have no idea how to fix this. metaproblem.max