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  1. is it the "width" of the leaf you are trying to affect using it's length? the length of a path couldn't affect its own length I don't think. That may be why the option doesn't show up for you.


    The length of the parent path of the leaves could affect the length of the leaves. is this what you are trying to do ?


    Not the width but the Length.

    In the tutorial it shows that to control the length of the Leaves Growth accordingly with the Trunk Growth, it uses the Parameter Length of the Leaves and added a Affect Parameter Length.

    This parameter does not exist to my version (the latest)

    Where is this parameter?





    I made a youtube tutorial for animation a while back that you might also find helpful. It is very boring but it covers a lot of ground. 




    Thank you I will definitely watch it.

    Nothing is boring when you want to learn :)

  2. I am trying to make my tree (actually a branch) to grow.

    But mostly I am facing crashes.


    I was following the tutorial animation you have.


    Anyway after a few tries, at the Creating Growth Animation Leaves part at 2:46 you go to the Parameter Length of the Leaves and you add an Affect parameter Length.

    My problem is that there is no such parameter in my GrowFx at that particular place.

    Did you change that in a patch?

    What I should instead of that?


    Yesterday we've updated the latest version and many bugs are fixed. I checked, and no any crashes.
    In any case, I think that you don't need to cache a tree before creating a proxy.


    Glad to hear that I will download the update.


    It seems to work fine for me, but I am using corona. I don't think it should make any difference though. I am not using a proxy at all.


    I just made my object, cached the animation, copied the object over and converted it to an editable poly. Then I copied my cache modifier from the stack and pasted it onto the editable poly version (which no longer had animation until I pasted the other models cache). From here I just opened forest pack and added the editable poly version with the cache info into the forest objects geometry. 


    I didn't convert it to a proxy beforehand. I think converting to a proxy before adding the geometry to your forest object is the problem. A cache won't work on a proxy. Proxies only work with static Geometry (to the best of my knowledge, it might be different now). An animated proxy is just a series of static models swapped out in a sequence.


    If your tree object is quite large just hide it to take stress off your card while you maneuver. 


    Hope it helps :)

    How you pass the cache to as a modifier?


    Because after you put an edit mesh modifier and collapse it you lose everything (as you normally should).

    So how you add the cache on it?

  4. I have made 3 variations of a tree. I have put 300 frames of wind animation as well


    What is the procedure to prepare it for future use with forest pack, to make a forest for example?


    What a convert to mesh does exactly? (Why I need to do it)

    How I make them animated Vray proxies for Forest Pack?


    Sorry for the questions but I am little nervous, as I have to finish a project till next week, that includes a few seconds of an animated forest.



  5. Ok understandable


    But in my 1st test (as I said I did another test 1st)  I had the roots as an after mesh again, but it didn't cause that issue.

    The roots remained still.


    I had to put the object reaction as an after mesh modifier, because if I had it in the Direction Modifiers the roots changed shape each time I changed something in the branches.


    And my question after your solution is...

    Why the roots have to change shape (or move a little) if the object reaction is in the After Mesh tab?

    They should keep their position at all the frames. As the wind begins to move the trunk at above 50%. So they have to remain still.

    Is this a bug or limitation of the plugin?



  6. I found a way to remade the trunk without all these path follow modifiers.

    I didn't notice that the displacement tab in the metamesh section was like the displacement modifier.

    So I used an image to change the shape.


    But still I am wondering if there is a solution to the problem above.


    When we have many metameshed trunks together How can we apply UVW to them?

  7. I did a test animation with a metamesh trunk and cylindrical roots.

    The roots had object orientation in the after mesh tab

    The trunk had Wind animation in the After mesh tab.


    In the first test I used the stiffness graphics chart to put a lot of stiffness at the first 25% so the roots remained still.


    But in another tree  I made, while tried to do the same things the roots change place every frame.

    But this time they are not moving because the tree is moving in the wind, but its like they change position every frame (like retopologizing themselves)

    Whatever stiffness I put, they still move.

    They only way to make them stop is if I turn off the Wind Modifier in the Trunk After Mesh.


    It looks more like a bug.

  8. I made a tree using the Path Reaction modifier

    5 trunks folowing in a spiral way another trunk (that has the spline direction)

    Because I wanted the main trunk to look like is made from big vein like structure.

    If you understand what I mean, like an old tree.


    I don't know if I could do it in another way, as I purchased it few days ago and is my 1st try.


    The problem is that because there are more than 1 trunks that made the final, through the Meta Mesh, the UVW that are created is a mess.

    Is there anyway to properly uvw map it?


    Keep in mind that I need this trunk to be able to animate.

    If I didnt want it to be animatable I could made the whole trunk in zbrush.


    Or is there any way to metamesh but to make it look old (without displacement)?


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