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  1. 2 other shots of that tree made with GrowFX
  2. Thanks for the help. This is a small sample of the work I did with GroWFX
  3. I changed the youtube address
  4. I finished the project. You can see a small part in youtube of the work. A big thank you to GrowFX and to the people that helped get answers to my questions. https://youtu.be/4zfPoYcsqv4
  5. Not the width but the Length. In the tutorial it shows that to control the length of the Leaves Growth accordingly with the Trunk Growth, it uses the Parameter Length of the Leaves and added a Affect Parameter Length. This parameter does not exist to my version (the latest) Where is this parameter? Thank you I will definitely watch it. Nothing is boring when you want to learn
  6. I am trying to make my tree (actually a branch) to grow. But mostly I am facing crashes. I was following the tutorial animation you have. Anyway after a few tries, at the Creating Growth Animation Leaves part at 2:46 you go to the Parameter Length of the Leaves and you add an Affect parameter Length. My problem is that there is no such parameter in my GrowFx at that particular place. Did you change that in a patch? What I should instead of that?
  7. Oh silly me. I didn't notice the Point Cache modifier :P Now everything is clear. God bless you ptrain03 for your help And a big thank you for the file
  8. Glad to hear that I will download the update. How you pass the cache to as a modifier? Because after you put an edit mesh modifier and collapse it you lose everything (as you normally should). So how you add the cache on it?
  9. I found out that it crashes if the Grow Tree has a cache wind animation. How am I suppose to make then animated if I dont use the cache?
  10. I have seen the tutorial but doesnt say how to convert object to animated vray proxies.
  11. If I put one of the trees in a forest pack area max crashes. I have no idea what I have to do to use the tree to forest pack. Thats why I need your help.
  12. OK but as I said, I made with the graph the Flexibility and the Stiffness to begin after 50% on the object length, thus leaving the lower part of the trunk (where the roots grow) unmovable.
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