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  1. Hi HH, any updates so far if you were able to figure this out yourself?
  2. Thanks for that. I'll check if I can recreate that and report later.
  3. Hi 3D, were you able to sort this out already? It would also be nice if you can post a preview at Gallery section. Cheers!
  4. Nice work here buddy.
  5. Hi hugh, do you have a preview to this so far? I'd like to see it if possible.
  6. Nicely thought of 3D. +1 to this as well.
  7. Impressive work as well!
  8. Sorry to bump this up but are there any updates on Mental Ray?
  9. doncht

    boston fern

    Nice work so far Massisan, excellent one.
  10. doncht

    Pine tree

    Looks realistic! Great work here.
  11. Nice piece of work here.
  12. Nice work here KHstudios!
  13. doncht

    Bald Cypress

    HI, I think the picture is good enough for me, I can't suggest anything that needs to be improved.
  14. doncht

    Some Trees

    Nice work for your first project!
  15. Thanks for the confirmation 3d. At least, now we know that this is not something caused by GrowFX.
  16. Sorry to bump this up but I was just looking for a confirmation. Is this already fixed with the latest release?
  17. doncht

    " Lofoten© "

    I like how you created the clouds. Well done here.
  18. doncht

    Frangipani Tree

    Really nice. Pink color stood out.
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